With an tongue in cheek and colourful approach, this zine seeks to celebrate the creative people of colour that are a bit offbeat, weird and dramatic. We choose to explore the multifaceted experiences, ideas and creations by and for people of colour with an overarching theme of the internet and technology. 

POC (people of colour) from the beginning of the PC revolution have been participators and innovators in shaping and transforming what is now internet and tech culture. This space allows for us to continue our legacy and explore every part of our identities as we navigate the world IRL and URL. 

The zine is 100% contributor based. The physical copies can be bought online and also read for free through our issuu page. If you are poc with a story to tell then your work is Diaspora Drama material. Submit to: diasporadrama@gmail.com (Read our FAQ first)

Editor-in-chief: Isaac Kariuki (nokiabae)

Senior Editor: Lulu Roman (sedosa)

Assistant Editor: Amal Hassan (3rdwrldgrl)