What is ‘diaspora’?

Any group that has been dispersed from their homeland, most commonly involuntarily e.g the African diaspora post trans-atlantic slave trade

Why the name Diaspora Drama?

The title is to reassure poc that they are allowed to be dramatic. They are allowed to cry, to laugh, to be witty. The zine is a platform for these emotions and more to be explored freely

Where can I read it?

There are several ways to get your hands on it:

– buy a physical copy from our online store to be delivered to your address. Details TBA.

-Read online for free on our issuu page

-Find a copy at our various stockists from the Boston Zine Library, Shift Eye Gallery Kenya, Jump From Paper Taipai — we are pushing to get the zine in as many places around the world as possible so watch this space as there are more to come ~~

(We’d truly appreciate if you have the financial capacity to buy the physical copies to help fund this lil project and keep the machine going *•*•*)

What is POC?

POC = People of colour. Descended from anywhere in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Indigenous peoples of Australasia, the Americas, the Islands of the Atlantic, Indian Pacific, and Roma Sinti (and) Travellers.

What can I submit?

Any creative work you may want to display either general or pertaining to the current issue theme. Content is not limited to themes of immigration or diaspora experiences. Submissions includes writing, poetry, photography, art, comics, illustrations, mixed media (that is displayable online), selfies, experimental art, music, short stories, playlists etc. NSFW submissions are only accepted from persons who are 18+ (we will find out).

The submission must be online ready, hi res if possible. We do not as of yet commission artists however we may in the future regarding cover images (get that ££££).

Where can I submit?

If your image submissions are too large for email or tumblr then you may send us a dropbox/wetransfer/mediafire/mega link through the email.

What details do I add to my submission?

We ask that you provide us with the name you want associated with your work. That is either your full name, pseudonym/moniker, blog title (optional) or all the above and a short description of yourself –  just a couple of lines about who you are, what you’re doing and what you’re interested in.

If it is a visual art submission, we request that you provide details on the medium used e.g acrylic paint on 16 x 20 canvas. We’re not too fussed about this though.

Do I have to give my name when I submit?

Anonymous submissions are very welcome! If given a submission via email and anonymity is specified, we will respect this.

Can I join DD staff??

Currently all major staff positions are occupied but we all always open to have regular contributors, from interviewers to photojournalists. Drop us an email and tell us what you can bring to the table.